Moroccan Surf Instructor Course

This is the ultimate gap year or career break experience, combining amazing surf and a fulfilling cultural experience.


Over the course of 12 action packed weeks in Morocco’s surf capital, Taghazout, you’ll take the ASI surf instructor course and the SLS lifeguarding course, and ride some of the best waves available every day! You’ll also immerse yourself in Moroccan culture and put a little back into the local community by helping with community projects, teach English to the local children and adults and improve your own French.

Why take this course?

  • Gain highly recognised and respected qualifications that will allow you to work in the surf and lifeguard industry around the world.
  • Learn / improve your surfing. You’ll gain confidence paddling out into some of the longest point breaks that the Atlantic coastline has to offer!
  • Experience living with a Moroccan family.
  • Learn to speak French and practice in your new local community.
  • Experience life in a Muslim country.
  • Our massively experienced team in Morocco have been teaching surfers and training instructors for years.
  • NONSTOP are the market leaders for instructor training courses in the action sports industry.
Gap Year takers and Career Breakers

Gap Year takers and Career Breakers

Learning to teach

Learning to teach

Who's the course aimed at?

This 12 week course is ideal for those on career breaks or gap years, who want a fulfilling and unique life experience. Even though there is a heavy surf focus, previous experience isn’t necessary; we’ll train everyone from beginners through to advanced surfers.

Don’t be fooled by the chilled and relaxed vibe of the surfer lifestyle. Surfing is a demanding and challenging sport with a flatter learning curve than most other adventure and extreme sports. You’ll need a good level of fitness and a positive attitude to push through even when the going gets tough. We’re confident though that even with no surf experience, if you’re willing to be taught, we can take you from Zero to Hero.

Over the course you will experience living in a French speaking Muslim country in Africa. The community projects and time spent living with a Berber family will open your eyes to a different world and help provide a balanced view of life in Africa and the Muslim world.

Tagazhout at Sunset

Tagazhout at Sunset

The Surf Camp

The Surf Camp

Where's the course held?

The course is based around the fishing village of Taghazout in the South West of Morocco. In the last ten years Taghazout has developed a reputation as the best winter surfing destination within a short haul flight of Europe, which is why Kelly Slater was surfing there last October when he got some time off from the ASP tour.

Most of the time you’ll be around the Taghazout surf camp, situated right on top of Hash Point, one of the most famous surf spots. The surfing line-up in the area is truly exceptional, with both easy learner beach breaks and world class point breaks, all within a 15km stretch of coastline.