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For the last four years, women’s surfing has been dominated by one character; Steph Gilmore. She hit the world tour in 2006 at the age of 18 and blew the socks off the surfing community. Steph was considered an anomaly, a freak of a talent. She now has the accolades to proove it, with four consecutive world titles under her belt at the age of 23.

Fast forward to mid way through the women’s tour in 2011 and Steph is a measly fourth with no competition wins in five events. You would assume the inevitable has happened and Gilmore has finally hit a blip in form, however this is not the case. She is being outperformed and outsurfed by the new power in women’s surfing; teenagers.

Here is evidence of that – the current standings on the world tour after five of seven events:

1st (by some way): Carissa Moore. Age:18
2nd: Sally Fitzgibbons. Age:19
3rd: Tyler Wright. Age:17 (just)

Of the seventeen girls on the elite tour nine are under the age of 21, and six of them are in the top ten. For most of them it’s their first or second year on tour. Gone are the days of turning off your live event webcast for the womens event, the renewed level of competition in this sport is making it just as exciting as the mens.

Another new power in surfing; Nike, have just released a free online full feature film called “Leave a Message”. Watch it and you’ll understand what we’re talking about…

Leave a Message Full Movie by Nike6.0 from FreestyleTV.NET on Vimeo.

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