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Avoid the crowds, choose between hundreds of great beaches and breaks, live the chilled out life style and surf clean, empty waves all winter long.  Morocco’s Atlantic coastline is quickly becoming one of the most sort after places to surf in the world, with swell upon swell hitting it every week and 365 days of sunshine it’s not a bad place to set up for your next surf camp – even Kelly Slater spends part of his winter there, so if it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for us!

And it’s not all just about the surfing, there are some of the most world famous windsurfing and kite surfing spots found along that coastline too.

Tagazhout is a small fishing village close to Agadir in Southern Morocco and it’s here that you can find every type of wave known to man (and woman!) whether you are looking for beginner sand beaches to fast right hand barrelling point breaks, there is a wave for all levels of surfer.

Here are the waves on offer:

  • Devil’s Rock is a fun beginner’s wave with a sandy bottom.
  • Crocodiles is just round the corner and offers perfect gentle waves to learn on. It is a great spot to go for a horse ride as the beach stretches for 8km all the way up to Taghazout.
  • Panoramas has two sections, the reef take off point that peels into a fast barrelling right hander. Once you have moved off the point there are a couple of learner sand bars ideal for surf schools.
  • Hash Point is right in the centre of Taghazout and, although inconsistent, is a fun wave for those that can’t be bothered to walk up to Anchors.
  • Anchor Point is the holy grail of Moroccan surfing. Anyone who has got the dawn session with big barrels and thigh achingly long rides will never forget this great wave.
  • Mysteries is a reef just a little bit further from Anchor Point. A big take off and fast walls of water make Mysteries a great wave for anyone comfortable surfing reefs.
  • La Source is another reef break just in front of the apartment blocks.
  • Camel Point, Desert Point, Draculas, Boilers and Tamri are all a little bit further up the coast, but offer some serious right and left hand waves just fifteen minutes drive from the surf camp.

All of these superb surf spots are within 15km of Taghazout – a town that has a rapidly growing reputation amongst Europeans for amazing winter surf.

At NONSTOP Adventure we have recently launched our 12-week Moroccan Surf Adventure.  The perfect oportunity to spend 12 weeks in the sun and sea on a Gap Year or Career break.  You’ll be coached by the best surf instructors, gain surfing qualifications yourself as well as immerse yourself in Moroccan lifestyle by learning French, helping renovate local schools and teaching English in a Moroccan School.  You’re accommodation is on the sea front so whether you fancy a quick dawny session before breakfast or a sun set surf before dinner, you can have it all simply by stepping out of your front door.

Fall in love with Tagazhout, the Moroccan locals and the chilled out surfing lifestyle.  Take yoga lessons at sun set, eat tasty Moroccan tajines or just chill at the surf camp with a book.

If you like the sound of any of the above then why not check out our: Surf Camps & join us in Morocco or Australia.  We have 2-week beginner & improvement surf camps, 3-week pro waterman and surf instructor courses in Australia and the ultimate 12 week surfing course in Morocco.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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